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About me

I am Marton Apai: a Software Engineer and Technical Project Manager. During most of my career, I worked on Enterprise Software projects at the Swiss software company AdNovum. In recent years, I got my feet wet in other areas: I co-founded a small startup, Zenu Menu, I did IT consulting as a freelancer and lately I worked as Product Manager of a fascinating set of face recognition ML tools.

The reason why I became interested in Project Management is twofold. First, I saw that the underlying causes behind many software projects having difficulties and even failing are rarely technical in nature. I became interested in the topic of running projects better. I wanted to apply better fitting project methodologies for software development, set more realistic goals, and increase transparency and involvement. This is easier to do when you are the one organizing the project.

The other reason is that, fundamantelly, I am even more interested in people than in software. Project management and team leadership bring human aspects into my work.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with Min, my wife, and Max, our son. I am quite into photography, reading and languages.

Since December 2018, I live in Switzerland.

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